Marion Harcourt



Herring River Harwich

private collection

Oil on Canvas 11 x 14

I grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY, near an artist who illustrated children’s books. That was the beginning of my love for art at the age of four. At ten, my first teacher was Winn Plenninger who taught the neighborhood children watercolor every Thursday evening for two hours for fifty cents.  Betty Warren Herzog was my second teacher who taught oil painting.

At Elmira College I graduated with a major in English and Art History. For many years I painted little, as I raised four children and helped my husband in his architectural practice.  We also had a tour company for seniors and conducted tours all over the world.  Now I have returned to my love of painting.  My teachers include Charles Sovak, Rosalie Nadeau, Bill Maloney, and Robert Mesrop. I paint in watercolor and oil, and do pictures for children as well as paint nature. I also have written children’s books and illustrated two. The stories come to me in pictures first.

My paintings can be seen at “The Art Gallery,” 551 Route 28, Harwichport, the Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse, Chatham, and the Pilgrim Congregationalist church, Harwichport.

The beauty, drama, energy, and joy of nature encourage me to paint.





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Watercolor 9 x 12

Dancing Mermaids

Watercolor 9 x 12

Rick Rack Fish

Watercolor 9 x 12

New York City Skyline

Watercolor 9 x 12

Cows ~ sold

Watercolor 16 x 20

Marconi Beach, Wellfleet

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20

Wellfleet Harbor

Oil on Canvas 11 x 14

North Beach Chatham

Oil on Canvas 16 x 20

The Old Pilgrim ~ sold

Watercolor 11 x 17


North Truro Cottage

House Portraits

by Commission

Watercolor 11 x 17

Winter on Cape Cod

Watercolor 11 x 15

Trees of Life ~ sold

Watercolor 12 x 16


Forest Beach ~ sold

Oil 10 x 13


Cape Storm

 Watercolor 10 x 16 ~ sold

Birth Record

      by commission        Watercolor  10 x 14

      Scarves for Gerry

Illustration from Marion's Children's Book