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Mrs. Castro

           The Mangers Story

Children are the reason Mrs. Castro made the Nativity in the first place, Castro’s Interiors has been in Stuart for 30 years. Mrs. Castro moved from Miami, and the business put up a huge, white Christmas tree for almost two decades. But one year, Mrs. Castro was overseeing the construction of the tree when a few children passed by. She said she called out, “Merry Christmas! Do you know what’s coming?”

The children would all say the same thing… Santa! But Mrs. Castro did not want to convey the message of Santa nor gifts, but the birth of Christ. So instead of putting out the Christmas tree in front of the business, she switched over to a life-sized manger where anybody could come and experience the message of Jesus’s birth on that starry night.

A five-pointed star of white lights, with a comet tail of red, soars above the Nativity made of thatched palmettos. Mrs. Castro and her workers put up the scene over three days each year, the weekend after Thanksgiving. The whole thing smells of the sweet, musty hay scattered about and instrumental carols play. Jesus lies in the center of the manger, flanked by statues of Mary and Joseph. Animals of all kinds are lined up on rows point to the Christ child.

People from all over South Florida would go to this site bringing their friends and family, which would spark curiosity and give a deeper insight as to what Christmas is really about. Not only does this happen to children, but even for adults the Manger can touch lives, bringing wonder and memories of what they were taught, of what they knew about Christmas.

Mrs. Castro has two locations where she sets up these Mangers for people to come and experience. One Location is in Stuart, Florida on Monterey Road at Willoughby Road. The other Manger is located at River Ranch, Florida, located off of Highway 60 and River Ranch Road.

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